About The Visa Lady

The visa lady is an online agency that provides updated information on travel authorizations, processes, methods, restrictions, as well as a comprehensive listing of embassies and consulates in the Bahamas. Our goal is to help our customers and ensure that they have the proper documents in order to reach their destinations without any issues or concerns.

We offer a wide range of services. Our services are designed to securely manage passport and visa applications, e-visas and resident permits, business licenses as well as comprehensive background checks just to name a few. These services are streamlined while providing flexibility for customization for each client.

For over a decade we have been the number one agency for visa processing services in the Caribbean. With the use of innovative solutions we have revolutionized the way visa & passport application services are managed. We have an impeccable reputation with are clients and we are the number one choice for individuals, businesses and governments worldwide.

Based on our experience we know the process in order to get passports and visas can sometimes be overwhelming, but we are committed and fully immersed in the ever-changing travel requirements of governments that we do business with around the globe.

Our Mission

To become the leading visa agency in the Caribbean providing new and innovative solutions for travelers worldwide while creating exceptional value for our customers.


We have over a decade of experience in the visa application business, providing top-notch service to our customers throughout their entire journey. 

Our Care Values

We believe in developing products and services to meet are customers needs.